Thursday 4 October 2012

One Day One Photo - 26

Wednesday 26th September

The Milan Stictch'n'Bitch group was one of the first places that I went to when I first came to Milan. It had been a way of being among people doing an activity that I enjoy (the stitching rather than the bitching)! It was also a chance to speak Italian. The girls were a friendly bunch and I got to know a couple of people who I began to see outside of the knitting and crocheting sessions.

The thing is I haven't been to the group for a long time. On a number of occasions I was not in Milan so I had a good excuse. However, there have been times when I did not go even though I was around. The reason? Because I am rather embarrassed to go there bringing with me the same project that I had with me 6 months ago.

If I were crocheting a coat it would be reasonble that I still be working on it since March. However, I was just crocheting a beanie hat. Something that should only take a few days - a couple of weeks at most, during these busy times. A couple of the girls are so skilled that they would be able to do it all in one session.

I, on the other hand have just not had the time. Also I realise that I can't crochet and talk at the same time otherwise I lose my line when following the pattern. Since talking is easier than crocheting, the latter is what gets left behind and I end up sitting with the other knitters and crocheters chatting away while my project just becomes some kind of decorative prop, as opposed to a tangible project. I was therefore very happy to have spent a few hours working on my beanie today, and it is even beginning to look like something I could wear. I just need to crack on so that the next meeting I go to, I will have something new to show - and I might even be able to do a couple of stitches during the gossip session!

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