Thursday 29 September 2016

One day one photo - 9: Gifts for a cyclist

I recently left my job as a medical writer in a PR agency in London, and I have now moved to an advertising agency still working within the fine art of wordsmithing!
Just what I always wanted!

On my last day at the PR agency I was pleasantly surprised to receive a couple of leaving gifts. It was even more impressive that my colleagues bought me cycling-related gifts! And moreover, things that I don't already have, and I will certainly use!

My co-workers know how much I like everything about "la petite reine", and for that reason I thought it would've been hard for them to know what to get someone who may already have all the cycling-related things I would want.

But in fact, a pizza cutter (complete with a disc wheel!) and a mug are a couple of things I had never thought of getting myself. Well I am partial to a bit of Sloppy Giuseppe, plus I recently added pizzas to my repertoire of home cooking meals so there is definitely scope for use. I could certainly take the mug to my new place as a good mug is always hard to find in the office!

However, in reality as they are pretty nice gifts I will try to preserve them and use them only from time to time while I fondly reminisce over the fun times I had at the old place! Thanks guys!

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