Tuesday 20 September 2016

One day one photo - 6: Crystal Palace Bike Park?

Last weekend London held its annual Open House, in which various official buildings, famous landmarks and residential homes with special architecture open their doors to the public.
I always want to get out for this and visit a well known establishment, but I am often away from London.
Hidden gem - Crystal Palace subway
This time I thought I'd make an effort, and the no-brainer option for me was the Crystal Palace subway. It was also the favoured option for a few thousand other people as there were very long queues to get in, and many people were turned away due to the sheer numbers. Opening up the subway for one weekend was not enough.

Earlier on this year I took part in a relay running race around Crystal Palace Park, the proceeds of which went towards the restoring of the Crystal Palace subway. This historical thoroughfare ran between Crystal Palace High Level train station and the grounds of Crystal Palace during the Victorian age at the time of the Great Exhibition.

While the Crystal Palace no longer exists, having been burnt down in 1936, and the High Level train station went in the 1950s, this subway, along with a few other aspects of the palace are still intact.

I can't believe that such a lovely ornate subway exists underneath the unglamorous bus station on Crystal Palace Parade!

It is also close to the area where the local cycle racing takes place every Tuesday in Crystal Palace Park. Wouldn't it be great to have this as an alternative venue on those days when racing in the park is cancelled due to rain. Or even just hold a party there with a bit of Rollapaluza or Rapha twist thrown in!

Whatever it is used for, I look forward to a time when the subway can be reopened and the public can go there regularly - with or sans bike.
Details of when next it will be open can be found on the Crystal Palace subway website.

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