Thursday 22 September 2016

One day one photo - 7: Bike Review: Laura Trott's bike on tour!

So in between Laura Trott's training for more Olympic glory in Rio she managed to launch a range of women's road bikes earlier this summer. Halfords, who are marketing the range of three road bikes and a hybrid have provided one for me to review, the RD2.

Quick photo opp on Blackfriars Bridge en route to work

In summary, the bike has been made with a women's geometry in mind and from that point of view it feels comfortable. It's not too heavy, though it's not super speedy either. I like the colour and the finish, including the fact that the cables are routed inside the tubes of the frame. As the bike is a reasonably priced entry level you can't expect superslickness and the main areas where you notice this is in the finish of the welds, which can look a bit coarse. That won't hold you back too much though if you want to put in a quick training ride though! 

My first impressions of the Trott RD2 are detailed in full on the Total Women's Cycling website.

I have ridden this bike around quite a lot - mainly on my local country lanes in Kent and Surrey and it's not been a bad ride at all. I have also used it to commute to work with, and on one of my sunny commutes I couldn't help to stop and take a few photos as I crossed Blackfriars Bridge - my favourite section of the ride. I got a few friendly passers-by to stop and snap me with the bike (I don't do selfies.) and I also snapped the steed too. 

It's not what I usually do on a commute, but I was feeling in a great mood and just wanted to savour the day. I think the passers-by must have been feeling the same too as they willingly stopped to photograph me, and some even offered to do so without being asked - who says Londoners are an unfriendly lot?! And while they were at it they asked about the bike - mainly to confirm if this was the same Trott that they see on the telly. When I replied yes, they were quite impressed. The tour continues on a bridge or a road near you!  

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