Monday 12 September 2016

One day one photo - 3: Off-road spin

Cycling clears the mind, even if it is just a quick spin. I generally like to ride for a couple of hours and do a proper training ride either on my road bike or on my cyclo cross bike. But there are times when I have so much to do it is just not practical.
So at times I just do a quick spin. I have a few routes. This is one I particularly like as it is largely on off-road trails on my mountain bike. Yes, they do exist even in London!

This is the view of Canary Wharf and Docklands from Shirley Hills, near Croydon. It's very peaceful in this spot and it's great to be able to admire the London skyline from up above and far away. Further to the left of this view you also see the City, with Shard, as well as nearby Croydon and the Crystal Palace transmitters. It's a lovely backdrop, and I come home feeling refreshed from having been able to go somewhere peaceful.

Docklands seen from Shirley Hills 
Shirley Hills is a place where you find woodland, moorland, and a little restaurant too. The heather on the ground reminds me of being in the North York Moors or one of the other national parks up North - even though we are just in South London! Years ago they used to do cyclo cross races in Shirley Hills. I'm not sure why they stopped doing them. It would be great if this venue was revived.

For anyone interested, this is the Strava cycling link to my bike ride.

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