Monday 11 September 2017

One day one photo - 11: New phone!

I hadn't actually planned to get a new phone, even though I had been due for an upgrade for many months. Unfortunately I lost my beloved Sony Xperia Z3 Compact at Peterborough motorway service station yesterday on my way back to London.

It was the classic, getting my hands full carrying McDonald's and then putting the phone down and forgetting to pick it up. I am not sure if someone stole it, because not long after I realised it was lost I borrowed a phone to ring my number and it went straight to voicemail even though the phone was fully charged. So I like to think that a do-gooder picked it up and handed it in somewhere, and switched it off in the process. Trying to know where it was handed in makes me think of a needle and a haystack!

So good old EE sorted me out with a new device, not before I almost left them for another network! But in the end my 20-year loyalty to (what was previously known as Orange) has counted for something. So now I have a rather nice looking Samsung Galaxy S7, and a matching Samsung tablet - an S2 - at a reasonable tariff.

I hope the phones are good. Reviews have been positive. It's ironic that I get this phone just as lots of noise is being made about the latest iPhone X being released. I must say, I really can't bring myself to get an iPhone. I just don't understand what is supposed to be good about Apple products. I really think that when so many people have an iPhone, it must surely be for the poser value rather than it's actual functionality. I am quite happy to be "untrendy"! No doubt the iPhone phones work well enough, but if someone can convince me of why I would need to spend four times the amount that I have just spent on my latest phone, or show me that the iPhone has four times more functionality and quality than my phone then I just might give the Apple offerings a little consideration!

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