Wednesday 13 September 2017

One day one photo - 13: Cycle to work day

There are a few days of the year which are designated as cycle to work or bike to work day. There is a global one in May which is promoted by Strava, one that is part of Bike Week in June, and the one today is promoted by Halfords and Cycle Scheme. I am not sure which is the official one. For me, every day (or at least 3 times a week) is bike to work day!

So here's a pic of me on my usual ride to work, on Westminster Bridge, in one of my favourite outfits. For those interested it is the Hotness jersey and Knock-out armwarmers from Primal. I love how this ensemble makes me highly visible, and the traffic just gives way to you as the motorists probably look at the colours thinking, "What in God's name is that!?!"

It is only really while I am on the road that I feel happy to wear such zany colours, and it's great that there's a company that brings out such designs!

As for my bike-ride into work, it was a bit of a slog today as it was quite windy - not quite Hurricane Irma, but there was a strong head wind. Although there were lots of people out riding, sadly there was no big guy for me to draft off and tow me along. They were all just skinny whippets - not much good to me! I may have to head more towards south-west London where there are more rugby players. Maybe one of them will be cycling to work!

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