Tuesday 5 September 2017

One day one photo - 5: Bike testing

Raleigh Mustang Comp

I am currently testing a Raleigh Mustang Comp gravel bike. It's the next one up in the family of Mustang bikes. Last year I had the Raleigh Mustang Sport, which I enjoyed riding. This year I am hoping the Mustang Comp is just as good, if not better. On paper it should be a better ride given the spec. The Mustang Comp is lighter than the Sport, and this 2018 model is lighter than the 2017 model. The main thing that I am getting used to is the gear set-up. There is only one chain ring, meaning that the cassette has A LOT of sprockets, with the largest ones being proper dinner plates! It's great that all the shifting is being done with my right hand, and just using the one small shifter (with it having a SRAM Groupset) but it still feels like there's something missing. Also I am not sure how this affects the chain or the indexing of the gears.

Maybe it is all okay and I have nothing to worry about. After all, the bike has been riding well. I rode the bike over the trails of the South Downs, and on the roads of  Northern France, including the cobbles in Central Paris. With the rack and mudguards supplied this has made it a handy touring bike and a commuting bike, which I have also been using it for when going to work. I must say I do like the colour scheme, with the green, yellow and white flourishes - something that people have commented on when they see it.
I look forward to enjoying a few more miles with the Mustang Comp.

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