Thursday 21 September 2017

One day one photo - 21: Oakley Sunnies

I have a penchant for eyewear. I don't know where it comes from. Many women like to spend money on dresses, handbags and shoes. For me, it's glasses. As I am a little short-sighted I wear prescription spectacles, so when I have my yearly check-up I use that as an occasion to get a pair of specs - even if my vision is still the same as it was last year. I guess getting a new pair of glasses is my guilty pleasure.

My latest guilty pleasure is pair of Oakley Reverie Prizm sunglasses, which I have been testing.

Testing is a hard word to use this summer, given that by the time I received them the best of the summer had already gone. That had happened for a few days in May, and in the typical British way, when the actual summer was due in July, the weather took a downward turn, and we had more cloudy, rainy days than sunny days!

I have managed to wear the glasses a few times though. I wore them during the Ride London 100 cyclosportive, even though there wasn't much sun. But keeping them on demonstrated my optimism, not just for the weather, but for my performance during the 100-mile cyclosportive!

I also wore them during a ride across the South Downs, to get to Brighton. And of course, I couldn't not wear them on my recent cycle ride to Paris, where looking stylish is de rigueur!

What I like about these sunnies is the purple hue on them which coincidentally matches the colour of quite a few things I wear. Also they don't feel weighty on my face. I almost forget that I have them on, and ended up doing a few running races with them when I forgot to take them off before the race. I wasn't trying to be a poseur, honest(!). But admittedly they felt comfortable and were not cumbersome in anyway once I got into the thick of the final dash for the finish line.

The main thing I like about them is that they can be used as sports glasses, but they don't look ostentatiously like they are for sport, so they they aren't out-of-place when I'm off the bike.

All in all, the Oakley Prizm sunnies are a good buy, as you don't need to have a pair of glasses for sports and another pair when you're in civvies. These do the job for both settings.

I am going to the south of France soon, where I am sure the sun will be shining there! (If not, what hope is there for us!) So I look forward to getting a bit more wear out of them this summer.

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