Saturday 2 September 2017

One day one photo - 2: Running race face!

Running the last leg at the relays
Not my best side, but does anyone have a best side when trying to be competitive in the closing stages of a running race?! I was part of a team of women representing South London Harriers at the Surrey Road Relays, held in Wimbledon Park. It was a nice area, and a part of Wimbledon I had not been to before. There is even a running track, which I hadn't previously known existed. It's not just all tennis in Wimbledon! You learn something new every day!

Our club fielded a lot of relay teams across various age group categories, and many of the teams won silverware in some shape or form. It was beginning to feel a bit like the SLH show at one point when the presenter kept on announcing the name of someone from our club as a winner of something or other! My team bucked the trend by not winning anything! But, despite coming home empty-handed we still had a good day!

For my part, I ran one of my fastest races over 4.5km. The time I ran it was exactly the same as what I had done in a 5km a couple of days earlier with my work colleagues at the Inter-Agency 5k run in Regents Park. That was a flat course where this Wimbledon route had a hill in it. So I clearly had a pep in my pace. 

I can only guess that running with other speedy runners such as those at SLH makes you raise your game that bit more - hence the race face! I hope I can keep on raising my game and maybe get somewhere near sniffing at a trophy (at least before I get all old and injury sets in)!

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