Saturday 9 September 2017

One day one photo - 9: Brexit Shexit!

It's been over a year since the UK voted to leave the EU, and we are 18 months out from officially leaving this historic establishment. However, it doesn't look like the UK Government has got its act together on what is meant to be going on, and how we will exit. Some of the fundamentals such as remaining part of the customs union, and allowing freedom of movement of EU citizens is not finalised. However, the UK still wants to negotiate trade deals even though the other important matters, including the Irish question - have yet to be decided!

Meanwhile, there's a massive swathe of people, including the UK Government who hadn't actually wanted to leave in the first place. How do you effect something that you don't actually want to happen, and that you hadn't expected to be doing!

This is all borne out by the regular protests that take place on Parliament Square, or on Millbank, opposite the Palace of Westminster. I regularly pass them on my ride home from work. I get used to hearing what they have to say and it is now just a regular feature along the way, like the traffic, the road furniture and the hundreds of tourists.

But the protest that was on today, was particularly noteworthy as it was a mass rally that took up all the space on Parliament Square. It was organised by the Liberal Democrat Party, and there were various speakers including Bob Geldof (of Live Aid fame) and a local Member of Parliament, Tom Brake.

I don't know how effective these protests will be, but it certainly shows that Britain is not overwhelmingly ready to leave the EU. I hope somebody hears that, and officials act accordingly.

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