Wednesday 12 September 2012

One Day One Photo - 11

Tuesday 11th September

Still on the subject of shops I like to go to in Milan, there is the international bookshop, Libreria Melting Pot. It is one of the first shops I went to when I arrived in Milan.

The primary reason had been because they have a sister shop right next door called Luoghi e Libri (Places and Books) which specialises in travel books and maps. I had been there to buy cycling maps of the area.

It was while I was there struggling away in very bad Italian that the owners told me about their monthly book club that where they read and critique novels written in the English language. Some might wonder why I would want to join a club where we read and speak in English.

Surely I should do this in Italian. The answer is three-fold. Firstly, as the majority of attendees are Italians I still end up speaking in Italian to people before and after the official session. Secondly, when in a foreign country your style of spoken English can go downhill if you don't get to either read or speak in a slightly more intellectual circle every now and again.Going to the monthly bookclub helps. Thirdly, I wouldn't want to embarrass myself, or put others through the pain of watching me torturously describing my thoughts in Italian on Ian Rankin!

Anyway, it is a great little bookshop with various novels in different languages as well as English and Italian. The people are friendly, and over the months I have gotten to know a few folks there - which is always a good thing when you are far away from home.

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