Monday 17 September 2012

One Day One Photo - 15

Saturday 15th September

For once I spent the weekend in Milan. As Higg was over for the weekend we made the most of the time by visiting a few things. There's always something going on in Milan - once you've managed to delve beneath Milan's cool, inert exterior! We decided to make a trip over to Elettrocity, a showroom presenting electric vehicles of all types - four wheels, two wheels and other novelties. It was pretty fun as there was the chance to test drive/ride different exhibits.

We didn't have our driving licences with us, so we were not able to drive the cars away. But Higg sat in this rather fetching bubble van! There was also a variety of electric bikes, skateboards and even Segways on show too. I had a go on one of the electric folding bikes. I enjoyed riding it, but I can't see myself owning one. It seemed a contradiction in terms. Folding bikes are meant to be compact and easy to carry around once you stop riding them. With an electric engine tagged onto the bike the unit weighs almost 20kg - not something that you can easily carry through a train station.

My vote definitely went on the bubble van. It looked stylish like the old Fiat 500 and the flower on the front added a cute touch. If they have one of these open days again I'll make sure I bring my driving licence. 

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