Tuesday 18 September 2012

One Day One Photo - 17

Monday 17th September

I managed to go and see something at the Milan Film Festival, which I was pleased about. The good thing is that I even saw something in English. I haven't been to the cinema at all since I have been in Milan. The cinemas in the centre of Milan don't show Anglophone films in their original version - unlike other large European cities. Instead you have to put up with hearing your favourite American or British actors in maladapted Italian voices. It is probably true that the Italians are one of the best in the world at dubbing voices. However, it is still good to hear Brad Pitt speak with his own sexy voice! So at at the film festival I saw Woody Allen speak in his "seductive" tones in Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.

The film was presented by someone called Randall Poster. He was presented by the Italians like someone of great importance. I took their word for it, though in all honesty I hadn't a clue who he was. He could have been just some random American being touted as a VIP because he was.... American! I have since googled him, and realise that he has written soundtracks for various films, of which Zoolander and the hit show, Lost feature among them.

Anyway, Everything.......was an entertaining film and it was good to step back in time and see some of Woody Allen's old stuff. It was very much out of left field, and it made me wonder what he had been smoking at the time - especially the sketch about escaping the giant, killer boob (??!!). The film festival goes on until 23rd September. Sadly, I won't be able to see anything else before it finishes. I would certainly recommend going along there though.

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