Tuesday 4 September 2012

One Day One Photo - 3

Monday 3rd September

Like in many cities, cycling is the quickest way to get from A to B. It's good to be able to commute around Milan by bike. At first I thought it would be difficult given the numerous cobbles, the trams and the daunting traffic. In fact, it's not bad at all. There are cycle lanes and the motorists are accommodating towards the numerous cyclists.

I have a pleasant cycle to and from work along the Naviglio Grande, one of the canals in Milan. I  would have normally ridden a full sized bike, as I had done in London, but in Milan I travel around on a folding bike. It had been an impromptu purchase from a club-mate who was selling it cheaply, and I'm glad I bought it. The folding bike has proved very useful.

At the place where I work there is no secure area on the premises to leave your bike. Alot of people just leave theirs parked outside the front of the building. Naturally most people ride sit-up-and-beg old hacks that are not too attractive to thieves. Mind you, that still doesn't stop the low-lives from chancing their arm. Sadly, a couple of my colleagues have had their bikes stolen from the front of the building.
I am therefore glad to have a folding bike, which I just fold up and keep under my desk when I arrive at work.

It's also handy on the days when the weather suddenly turns (which happens alot) and heavy rain puts me off cycling home. I can just ride to the nearby tram or bus stop, board the transport with my bike folded up, and complete my journey home in the dry.

Milan is pan flat so it's not at all challenging to cycle around. I can even ride in civvies as it's only a 15-minute leisure ride from home to work. I never thought I would get into folding bikes, but having the Micro has been a real joy. It rides smoothly and is really convenient to use. I can't imagine not having a folding bike.

Photo by Higg

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