Friday 14 September 2012

One Day One Photo - 13

Thursday 13th September

I didn't get to Cannes, I didn't get to Venice, which is just a train-ride away, but Milan is here and I really think I should go to that one. What am I talking about? Film Festivals. Yes, the Milan Film Festival has started, and will be on for the next 10 days.

Publicity for this has not been great. I knew that it would be happening soon, but I couldn't find the dates or venues. I think there is a bit of a laid back attitude towards publicity here - it's like a Milanesi thing, where people just say - "it's a Milan event, all the Milaneses know - it happens every year. Is publicity necessary?" Then a couple of lines are written about it in the Corriere della Sera just by chance, and you know the event is happening - and people (read Milaneses) turn out in their droves while tourists look on quizzically!

Well, I even saw an online poster about it, so that is a good start. I am not sure what there is to see though. There may be something about Woody Allen on, and a few films by London film-makers I think. I guess the best thing is to go to Parco Sempione, the main park where lots of things happen, and I will hopefully find out a bit more. 

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