Friday 21 September 2012

One Day One Photo - 19

Wednesday 19th September

If only Easyjet did airmiles! As much as I am used to Milan life nowadays, I do need to get my fix of being back in London regularly. I generally come back once a month. Being back in London is like getting a chance to breath and be me again.

I never know why people in Italy go on about London being too big, flat and boring with no beautiful countryside. Surely that's how you'd describe Milan! Actually, Milan's not very big. However, it is claustrophobic since accommodation is just packed into tight spaces and piled high. There are not many parks or green spaces, and the grey walls of the building are "adorned" with lots of graffitti.

It's nice to get back to London and be somewhere that has lots of parks nearby, where there are clean pavements and no graffitti, and where I don't have to worry about pollution when I go out on a run, or worry about mosquitoes at night.

Easyjet have flights that get me from Milan to London-Gatwick very easily, and then it's just a quick trainride back home. BA only fly to Heathrow, which is less convenient for me. Monarch go to Gatwick but they do fewer flights, and the one time I flew with them we suffered horrendous delays and discomfort on the flight. Yes, it's nice to get back to London. Thank goodness for Easyjet!

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