Friday 14 September 2012

One Day One Photo - 12

Wednesday 12th September

Central Milan is a fairly safe city compared with other large cities in the world. The main problems are around petty theft and stealing bicycles (the latter of which I have been a victim). You don't really hear stories of violent crime.

So it was quite a shock to hear the story of a couple who were gunned down in the early evening at Porta Romana, Milan. This area is not far from the heart of the city, and there are restaurants and bars where many people hang out. The place would have been crowded with office workers and locals in the late afternoon. Then suddenly a number of gun shots were heard and immediately afterwards two men were seen speeding away on a scooter.

The victims were 43 year-old Massimiliano Spelta and his young wife, Carolina Payano. Their 18-month-old daughter, who Payano was carrying at the time, was spared from the atrocious killing, and  suffered bruising as her mother fell to the ground.

It is not known why two people would be attacked in what appears to be a random attack. No doubt, a wider picture will emerge as the police unearth more facts in their investigations. The main point is that whatever the motive for the killing it has come as a real shock to the locals in this busy area of Milan. It is something completely unheardof for a shooting to take place like that so publicly and it must have been absolutely appauling for those who witnessed it. I hope this is not the start of a new trend. My thoughts go out to the families of Carolina and Massimiliano. May they Rest in Peace.

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