Tuesday 13 September 2011

One Day One Photo - 11

I didn't know what profile of woman would be riding the Cycletta event or what the pace would be. All I knew was that I needed to get at least 11 vox pops, and some words from Victoria Pendleton. I would also have to press the flesh with organisers, the Sportsister girls (who had obtained an entry for me), Halfords PR and of course the cycling magazine crew. I made alot of mental preparation in terms of how I was going to go about fitting it all in, as well as giving guidance to the photographer. Then there was the bike ride itself. Would I ride the 25 miles hard and try and get back to the HQ early to interview folks? Should I just ride slowly and mingle during the ride and obtain vox pops then? After a while you have to stop thinking and just let things flow naturally. Well, at 5am on a rainy Sunday morning I wasn't in much mood for thinking anyway! In the end it was a good day. I talked to the people I needed to, and more. I interviewed our Queen of the Cycle Track, Victoria Pendleton - who I must say was very amenable and charming. And we even had a surprise visit from the sun!

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