Sunday 4 September 2011

One Day One Photo - 4

People say it must be good having a boyfriend who is also into cycling. Yeah, we have done a number of fun cycling holidays together - something which would have been difficult if only one of us had been interested in this two wheeled activity. However, it can be a little testing when, for example on social bike rides on the road, he goes so quickly that I end up panting and sweating a mile behind him; or when he tries to "advise" me on what I should do to improve my cycling without bearing in mind my actual circumstances. Having said all this, it is very nice to go out on off-road rides together. Being away from traffic and close to nature, exploring beautiful landscape just gives both of us a real feelgood factor. Something that can only serve to enhance our relationship. We've been on a few rides in the last week - South Downs, Surrey Hills and Epsom Downs. I enjoyed all the trips, especially as we were lucky with the weather. I also want to thank my other half for patiently waiting for me as I fumbled through the trails when he could have been out with his much more skilled mates!

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