Thursday 1 September 2011

One Day One Photo - 1

Every day something happens, something's on your mind, you feeling some sort of emotion - whether it's happiness, fear, anger; whether its meeting and old friend, getting out of your comfort zone, thinking about the tasks ahead, reflecting on something good, getting irritated about an event, wishing for something to happen, or just pointless daydreaming in your favourite chair.
For 30 days - effectively the month of September, I plan to represent one of these facets in a photograph. The photos may not necessarily have been taken that day, but they will capture something that is relevant to that particular day. This is no photographic exhibition so don't expect Testino type shots (at least not the ones taken by me!). Hopefully the snaps I show will still convey my message.

So here goes:
Mountain biking in the Surrey Hills, enjoying a breather at Ranmore Common. I am feeling almost as happy as I look in the photo now that I have got the write-up for it off my guilt pile! This was for a piece I am writing for SportSister website, and I had meant to send it earlier. I am glad to have finished it finally! Thanks to the lovely Aodan for the photo.

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