Saturday 3 September 2011

One Day One Photo - 3

Today's photo shoot for Cycling Active magazine was a little different, as it involved riding with the De Ver Cycles beginner group. It was a real pleasure running a story involving Maurice Burton, owner of the De Ver Cycles shop, and organiser of these rides. I have known Maurice (pictured in the centre of the photo) for many years. When I got into cyclesport I bought my first bike from him. It was a Dawes Hybrid which I used in a triathlon, and also for commuting. He built me a cheap road bike when I wanted to get into cycle racing, and I have bought other bicycles from him ever since. Even though Maurice is an ex-National cycle racing champion he has time for all customers, be they champion road racers or newbies. He doesn't patronise or brush you aside because you aren't a top road racer or because you don't know the jargon. That's what makes me enjoy going to his shop. Maurice has always been very encouraging towards new cyclists and was very happy to see lots of newbies on his ride today. I am glad to be writing about these rides for the magazine.

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