Thursday 22 September 2011

One Day One Photo - 14

Sweet sixteen. My nephew celebrated his 16th birthday. I didn't get the chance to see him as he lives in the North of England, but I hope he enjoyed celebrating his first landmark birthday. I guess it's not that easy to do when you have school and homework. This takes me back to the time when I turned sixteen - so long ago I can only just remember! I lived in small village, where the most exciting thing to happen was cows blocking the road when walking to school and my raiston d'etre was the prospect of maybe meeting George Michael one day! My biggest concerns were whether I would have enough money to buy the latest Wham or Culture Club LP, and my parents thought I was a rebel because I had dressmaking as a hobby! I did watch the Tour de France in those days. It was on Channel 4 once a week and Phil Liggett was the anchorman even then! But France, still less riding a road bicycle in race seemed like another world I would never reach..... Needless to say Dan is into very different sorts of things. He can't believe that we didn't have computer gadgets and I-phones in those days, or that I would fancy George Michael! I hope he has aspirations that he can realise in the future.

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