Wednesday 21 September 2011

One Day One Photo - 12

This double life. It goes without saying that cycling activities take up a significant amount of my time. I get the impression of leading a double life. It's like being the programme I watched as a child, Mr Ben. He was suited and booted, did a mundane office job by day and had a fairly dry character. Then at one point he would step into a fancy dress shop and become this really interesting person having fantastic adventures. That feels like me. By day I do drugs, by night (well evening) I do cycling. (As opposed to certain dubious athletes who do sport by day and drugs by night!) Anyway, in my case the drugs bit is really not as glamorous or rock'n'roll as it sounds! I provide medical information for a pharmaceutical company and talk about drug interactions, side effects and other medicines related issues. I have always worked in pharmaceuticals in some shape or form - whether it was being a drug rep, doing the marketing communications for pharma companies or discussing medical research at the Department of Health. Perhaps it's a bit dry compared to the writing I do for the cycling magazines, the different events I attend and the variety of people I meet through cycling. But I must say I am glad to be doing pharmaceuticals, and to have knowledge of a different sector. Plus, that's what pays my bills and keeps the wolf from the door. I say very little about the cycling stuff when I am at work, and I talk even less about the pharmaceutical stuff when cycling (which is not a bad thing!). And to be honest, I am quite content to keep these two worlds apart.

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