Thursday 22 September 2011

One Day One Photo - 15

Haeeyyy, It's Fonzie! Happy Days was my favourite programme - when I was 9 years old! The Fonz was so cool in his jeans and leather jacket, hanging out with the guys and charming all the girls. The thing was, he was always well behaved. He was always polite to Mr and Mrs Cunningham and he never swore. He was my hero! Anyway, I was quite surprised and pleased to hear he'd been awarded an OBE - especially as these awards go primarily to British citizens. Apparently it's in recognition for his services to dyslexia and how he raised the profile of this condition and gave confidence to alot of kids who suffer from it. I never even knew Henry Winkler was dyslexic and he managed to achieve all that he did at a time when life would have been pretty difficult. That makes me have even more respect for him. What a cool guy!


Lee's Workshop (Packratworkshop) said...

I liked the show too but now I do have to wonder why a guy that was obviously in his mid 20's felt the need to hang out with high school kids. Never grew up maybe? I'm over 50 now and still haven't!

2Wheel Chick said...

Yeah, I don't know if a plot like that would work nowadays - but back then, it was really cool!