Monday 23 September 2019

Daily photo - 23: Why I need a regular sports massage

A sports massage is an essential part of my exercise regime, particularly as I increase the running training.

My iliotibial band always gets tight and that leads to problems with my knees. Or my calf muscles get tight, then I end up with Achilles tendinitis.

But having someone dig their elbows into those knotted parts of my legs does the trick.

It's always painful at the time, and I almost want to curse - particularly when the therapist goes right into my IT band. I have been getting massages from Sam at Pureform. For a small slender lady her massages pack a punch!

Doing yoga regularly has given my legs a bit more flexibility and I have not needed to get massaged fortnightly, like before. So I left a month or so before getting massaged, and by then I was ready to be massaged especially after my 19-mile run the previous day. If only I hadn't left it so long to have a massage!

Sam found knots in all parts of my legs where I hadn't felt any problem. It seemed like she was deliberately hunting them down unnecessarily. If it aint broke why are you fixing it? I felt like saying as her hands dug into my leg so much that it caught my breath!

After 30 minutes of pain and discomfort, I was glad to get off the massage table. The next day my legs felt nicely loosened up, and I felt ready to get back and run again. So I'll be back in a couple of weeks again for more pain!

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