Monday 16 September 2019

Daily photo - 16: Bye bye Blue Door Bicycles

After nine years of trading at Central Hill, Crystal Palace Blue Door Bicycles has shut up shop. It's a real shame that the shop is no more. A combination of high rents in the area plus people choosing to buy their bikes and bike bits on line has led to the demise of the business.

It's such a shame that the shop is going. This site has had a bike shop there for almost 100 years, so it is a real shock that there will now just be an empty shop. It's a sign of the times - not good for cycling, and not good for the local area either.

I am a bit traditional when it comes to buying anything. I generally like to buy things from a shop rather than online, unlike many of my contemporaries.
I like the interaction with a sales assistant, and in particular when buying items associated with hobbies or things I enjoy doing it's always good to have conversations about items. Furthermore, in the days before online buying was so prolific I would always bump into other local club cyclists when I went to De Ver Cycles or Geoffrey Butlers cycle shop on a Saturday afternoon, and you could catch up with other riders. You just don't get that experience buying on-line, so I only buy stuff on-line when it becomes difficult to find what I want in the shop and so am therefore forced into shopping that way.

I went to the shop and bought some lights; I was glad to catch David Hibbs before they finished. He said that there may be another bike-related business occupying the space in due course. As for him, he will be starting a job with the cycling and walking charity, Sustrans. I wish him well.

So now, Crystal Palace has one less local bike shop to go to. I hope the other cycle businesses in the area don't go the same way. So anyone near Cadence, SE20 Cycles and other bike shops near you I encourage you to support your local bike shop.

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