Friday 27 September 2019

Daily photo - 27: Published in Telegraph Women's Sport

I have been contributing articles to publications for a few years now, and so I have become used to seeing my articles in magazines or on-line. I must say I did get quite excited about this latest article of mine being published in The Telegraph. It is something that I aspire to - being published in a national daily newspaper, and even in a broadsheet.

Earlier this year Anna Kessel, previously of the Guardian, joined The Telegraph to head up a new section specifically aimed at raising the profile of women's sport - Telegraph Women's Sport.

This new publication aims to champion women's sport at elite and grass roots level, while addressing under-representation, and campaigning for specific issues that impact on the women's game. The editors are keen to adopt a bold style of journalism that can really grab the attention of the reader.

I think this is a great idea - especially as women's sports publications are few and far between. So it is great to have an article of mine published.

The feature was all about the rainbow jersey worn by the world cycle racing champion, and why it is so hotly contested by women, as well as profiling the women behind Santini, the manufacturers of this jersey and a range of cycle wear.

For the article I interviewed past World Road Racing Champions Jeannie Longo, Mandy Jones, and Tatiana Guderzo and it was very interesting to hear their stories.

Seeing the final product on-line, and in the print version of the newspaper gave me a buzz. This sort of thing definitely spurs me to look for more ideas. I hope to be able to produce more engaging stories.

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