Sunday 29 September 2019

Daily photo - 29: Paris - Versailles running race

I was meant to do this 10-mile running race today, but after all the faffing of trying to get there I didn't do it. I got my dates wrong, thinking that it was going to be last week.

Last year I was meant to do it but it clashed with Swim Serpentine so I wasn't able to get there. This year it clashed with the World Road Racing Championships.
Two years ago I missed the deadline as it sold out very quickly given that it was the 40th anniversary.

It just seems like I am destined to not run this classic running race from Paris to Versailles. I always like to do a sporting event in Paris - I ran the marathon there earlier this year. Doing an event that takes you to the regal residence of Louis XIV (and XV and XVI) in Versailles.

The last couple of times I have been to Paris, I cycled to Versailles and the area to the west of Paris is very scenic with lots of woods and forests. Hopefully it will be fourth time lucky next year when I make another attempt to enter and run the event.

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