Thursday 19 September 2019

Daily photo - 19: Speaking Italian Tatiana Guderzo

Tatiana Guderzo with her bronze medal at the Innsbruck World Championships last year
My foreign language skills have been put to good use in recent times, notably when doing cycle journalism and interviewing cycle racers when I interviewed cycle racing legend Jeannie Longo in French, and Movistar's Sheyla Gutierrez in Spanish. I have also interviewed people in Italian too.

Earlier this year I spoke to Marta Bastianelli at the Tour of Flanders cycle race after her victory in this cobble-stoned classic. In June I also spoke to an Italian top racer from the 1980s, Maria Canins about her cycle racing and her success during her heyday. Today I spoke to BePink's Tatiana Guderzo, the 2009 World Road Race Champion who is on her way to the championships in Yorkshire.

Speaking to all of these women was very pleasant, and I feel that making an effort to speak in their language goes some way towards helping relations and also having them open up more in our conversations. I had been a little bit nervous beforehand, but I think watching episodes of Un Posto Al Sole and following the latest love triangle of Serena, Leonardo and Filippo has been very helpful!

Tatiana came across as quite vibrant and dynamic, and was very positive about the upcoming championships. Everyone has been talking about the Dutch cycling team being the strongest. It is true that they have some very strong riders and Tatiana acknowledged that too, but she is also sure that she and her Italian team will fear no one. For the 2018 bronze medallist, it is not always the strongest team that wins. I wish her and team Italia all the best.

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