Wednesday 4 September 2019

Daily photo - 4: Reviewing a Liv Avail Advanced Pro

First look at the Liv Avail Advanced Pro 1 women's specific road bike
2020 Liv Avail Advanced Pro 1
Today I was putting together a bicycle review that I will be sending in for publishing. I've been testing out the 2020 Liv Avail Advanced Pro 1. It's a women-specific endurance bike that can be used for long rides like cyclosportives, and because it has thicker tyres on it you can use it in rides that go on rough terrain such as the White Roads Classic or the Cheshire Cobbled Classic, as well as cyclosportives abroad like Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix.

The outstanding feature of the bike is also the SRAM electronic gears it has. I have ridden a bike with electronic gears in the past, though at the time they were rare among amateur bike riders. Now it seems that people have caught on to them, so it is great to see it on a women-specific bike.

Riding the bike has been pretty positive, and having something lightweight and with low gears was pretty useful for me when I used it at the Ride London 100 cyclosportive earlier this year. I am not the young whippet that I used to be, so it's great to have such equipment to help you along the way!

I look forward to seeing the full review live somewhere on the web.

11/09/2019 UPDATE: The review is now live on Cyclist website.

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