Thursday 12 September 2019

Daily photo - 12: Liv Avail Review published

My review of Liv Avail as seen on the front page of Cyclist magazine
My review of the Liv Avail women-specific road bike has gone live on the Cyclist website, so all can now read my thoughts on it when I tested it.

It's always get a warm feeling when I see my work published to a wider audience. There's something quite satisfying about how something that just started as a few words on a Word document eventually comes to life in a magazine online or in print.

It is something that I have done for 10 years and something that I don't get tired of. Some years ago I wrote articles and reviews for Cycling Active (an old IPC Media/Time Inc magazine) and Cycling Weekly regularly. Sadly Cycling Active closed, so I just do the occasional article for Cycling Weekly. Recently I have written for Rouleur online and Velovixen women's blog. Sadly, other women's publications I have written for have not worked out so well. Sportsister hardly had any budget, and Total Women's Cycling folded when its parent company went into administration.

Maybe it works out better if women's cycling articles are included within a unisex cycling magazine, given that women's publications have not had the best track record.
That is a debate for another day, but for now I want to soak up the satisfaction of having produced something that can hopefully inform, educate and/or entertain a reader.

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