Thursday 1 October 2020

Photo of the day - 1: Cycling on the Wandle Trail

I normally do a "One day, one photo" series during the month of September. This year I have switched it to October, just to vary things. But also because I was so crazily busy in September that I couldn't get on and blog each day! So here goes:

I did a bike ride along the Wandle Trail, a mainly traffic-free route through South London that goes from Croydon to Wandsworth. The route follows the River Wandle, a tributary of the River Thames. It's a pleasant, well-surfaced 12-mile (20km) ride that goes through some less well-known parts of South London, like Beddington, Morden and Earlsfield. You pass through a few parks and go around the back of some industrial areas. I cycled the route with Liv Thrive E+ e-bike, which was very handy as I was pushed for time and wanted to do the ride quickly! This is me at the start of the trail, at Wandle Park in Waddon, just outside Croydon.  


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