Sunday 4 October 2020

Photo of the day - 4: No cyclocross for me; mountain biking in Peaslake instead

This is the village centre at Peaslake, in the Surrey Hills. The bus shelter and the village shop and post office are normally heaving with mountain bikers at the weekend. On this very rainy and windy day there were very few people out. Just a few hardy souls, and me. I was there as consolation for not being able to get to the cyclocross race I was meant to do in Sandwich. My 'cross bike had dodgy handlebars and I couldn't get them fixed in time. With the race being an almost 2-hour drive away I wasn't going to get there in time, so I had to forego that and instead went mountain biking closer to home. It was good to get out to this part of Surrey Hills, as normally I tend to be on the nearer Leith Hill side. Biking turned out to be a real muddy mess as I splished and splashed over the trails at Pitch Hill and down Barry Knows Best. It wasn't pretty - it wasn't a long ride either given the weather, and it was getting a bit dark. But I am glad I went. Shame I didn't think to get out my camera while on the rain-swept trails!

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