Friday 2 October 2020

Photo of the day - 2: Playing the clarinet (at least trying)!

I first played the clarinet about 30 years ago, as something to do when I first moved to Paris. Although I got to a decent level, I didn't take any of the exams. As this seems to be the year when people are taking up/revisiting hobbies during lockdown I have decided to get back into clarinet playing and do the grades.  The deadline for applying for the exam is next week, so I just need to decide whether to go with the Royal Society of Music or London College of Music. As the exams are identical, it will come down to the one with the nearest exam centre to where I live. I practice around 45 minutes per day. Hopefully my neighbours don't mind the noise, and I do try at least to make that noise tuneful! I must say, clarinet playing is more physically taxing than I realised. As a youngster I'd play for hours without thinking about it. Nowadays, I have to balance that carefully with the sport I do! Oooh, I'm getting old!

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