Thursday 22 October 2020

Photo of the day - 22: New Bike Day - a lovely Brompton!

Looking forward to zipping around London and beyond on this

So this landed on my doorstep, and it made my day! It was given to me by Brompton as a recompense for a day I had filming and doing a photo shoot with them in July. I had a good day out with their film crew recording footage and taking photos of a group of us cycling around Central London on Brompton bikes. That was the first time I was riding extensively on a Brompton. When I was based in Milan a few years ago I would do the 3-mile commute to work on a folding bike, so I did enjoy using that. I must admit though, that for me a Brompton is the gold standard in folding bikes. So being able to ride around London on that Sunday in July was great, and I was even more excited to know that 6-speed versions exist for those like me, who live in hilly areas. It was a very pleasant surprise to know I would be receiving one. So at lunchtime a young man arrived at the door with a big box, and I ran to the door like an excited child. It's in exactly the colour I wanted, too. Collegiate green is my thing, and I think it blends well with autumn colours. I look forward to zipping around London and beyond with it. 

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