Sunday 18 October 2020

Photo of the day - 18: Out and about in Matlock

Matlock as seen from the Limestone Way

I had an active Sunday in Matlock. Doing a hill climb race on the South Downs yesterday meant that I didn't arrive in Matlock until late yesterday evening. So I felt like I had some catching up to do. So the first thing this morning I did a mini ride around the local area, taking in Bank Road, where I would later do the hill climb race that afternoon. I then continued towards Wirksworth and Middleton Top, going via Riber Castle. A hill climb race was going on there too this morning, and I exchanged a few words with one of the marshals. Matlock is a hilly place, I must say. Keen to not overdo things like I had done the previous week at the Brighton Mitre events, and turn up at the afternoon hill climb feeling tired, I kept the bike ride brief. I did do a mini cross country run along the Limestone Way though. I decided that that was round 2 of my personal cross country series. But in fact, this run was not so much as cross country but a fell run! There were great views of the town below, with Riber Castle in the distance. I then returned to my hotel room in time to change into my cycling gear to do the hill climb. After the climb, given that it was a sunny day I felt I had to make the most of the nearby country lanes. So I did a little walk along the River Derwent and then up to the war memorial at the top of a hill. By the end of the day, my legs were shot and I was ready to put my feet up. I slept well. In short, Matlock is a place where there's no shortage of things to do.

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