Saturday 31 October 2020

Photo of the day - 31: Scary stuff in the time of coronavirus

Well, for Halloween if we wanted to hear scary stuff all we needed to do was switch on the TV today! After a full lock-down in the Spring of this year, and a very gradual re-opening of businesses and schools over the summer - including indulging in the restaurants doing "eat out to help out" things are now making a downturn again. 

There had been a lot of speculation as places in the Northwest and parts of the Midlands were undergoing a lock-down. So finally, rather than put up with kids turning up at our houses doing Trick or Treat, we had to suffer a worse fate of seeing Prime Minister Boris Johnson making his televised address to the nation. So as of next Thursday we will be in lockdown again. It won't be quite as strict as "Lockdown 1.0" since people will still be travelling to and from their place of work, schools will be open, and people like plumbers and electricians can still attend your home if need be. However, gyms, sport centres, beauty salons, bars, restaurants and all shops selling non-essential items will be closed, and we have been told to avoid non-essential travel. 

It wasn't quite the announcement that we were wanting. So instead of celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night, which is around the corner we are looking forward to another period of staying at home, not seeing friends and family as a group. We can only meet with one other person in an outdoor setting and maintain a social distance. Apparently this lockdown will last until 2nd December, but people are sceptical and believe this period could be extended. We may not even be able to see family at Christmas at this rate. All this is leaving people scared and anxious. I was meant to do a cyclocross race today, but didn't go because I was not feeling on form to race. That's a shame now as I don't know when next there will be another one. Same for all other races and competitions, plus yoga classes. Personally, I have managed to keep busy and keep the cheques coming in to pay my bills. But it is very scary seeing what is happening to other businesses, and with all these extended closures there is a worry that some of my favourite places my end up going out of business. 

It would have been good to end the month on an upbeat tone, but with the news that was delivered this evening it does look like we are living in scary times. 

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