Tuesday 27 October 2020

Photo of the day - 27: Hospitals in the time of coronavirus

King's College Hospital

At a time when coronavirus is still ravaging our every day lives there is a concern that people are not getting the treatments they need due to overcapacity in hospitals. A few appointments I had booked for earlier this year were postponed due to Covid-19 and the need to keep social distancing. Thankfully now, things are getting back to the usual service, albeit with many appointments being done over the phone. Today, I was actually able to have my appointment at my local hospital. It was five months late, but I still feel fortunate that the appointment was able to take place. I do feel sorry that some people who required appointments or treatment for serious conditions like cancer, or who needed surgery have had their interventions postponed. The need for different members of staff to self-isolate after making contact with a coronavirus person has led to hospitals being short-staffed. Getting rid of the back-log of appointments has meant that hospital staff are working 12+hour-days. It must be so overwhelming. I just hope that the back log can be cleared soon, and thank the NHS workers for their tireless work.

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