Wednesday 28 October 2020

Photo of the day - 28: Countdown to my clarinet exam

I'll have this tune in my head right up to exam day!

I am still getting my act together to take my first clarinet exam in just under a month's time. It shouldn't be too hard, as this is just Grade 1. I am not a complete beginner, but I have never taken exams - just been self-taught, playing various tunes and working through my Klosé method book. But earlier this year I decided to formalise my skills as a clarinet player, and work through the grades. The above is one of the tunes I plan to play. Minuets are always quite fun. When playing, I picture couples in a room dressed in Baroque costumes, dancing a waltz and giving each other the eye like in the Dangerous Liaisons film. They probably won't want to dance to my playing, but I like to let my imagination wander! The reality is there won't be anyone dancing, but just an ever observant examiner to make sure I'm tonguing, slurring and fingering in the right place! And then I'll get on with some clarinet playing!
The other tunes on my list are Mama Paquita, and Cantilena.  My biggest challenge, aside from not getting too nervous when playing, is to have the CD player ready at the right place. In the absence of a live pianist to play along with me, the London College of Music board allow us to use backing tapes for songs. Hopefully everything will come together on the day. So I will sign off here and get back to my practicing - both in playing the songs and in pressing the play button!

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