Sunday 11 October 2020

Photo of the day - 11: Running along the White Cliffs of Dover

As I was in Dover for a cyclocross race, and it was a sunny day I thought, why not make a quick trip across to the famous White Cliffs, for a quick trail run. I had a hire car, so wanted to make the most of the hire time, and the cliffs were just a 10-minute drive from the cyclocross venue at Astor College. So off I popped. This is actually National Trust land, so you pay a £5 fee to park there, and you have access to well-maintained sign-posted trails, picnic spots, a cafe, toilets, plus lovely coastal views, including of France, 20 miles away. You also see all the action at the ferry terminal right below, if that's more your thing. As I had been racing less than hour earlier my legs wouldn't allow me to run any long distance in this area, but the 4km I did were a good introduction - especially as it involved around 130m of climbing! Yes, this is a particularly favourable area for fell runners! On all the recent times I had been to Dover I breezed through on my bike to get on a boat to France. I had never thought of sightseeing in Dover. But witg this extensive area of the cliffs, the nearby castle, and the old town, there is a reason to do a day trip here. So I will make a day of it next time - before catching the ferry to France!

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