Monday 26 October 2020

Photo of the day - 26: Still buzzing from the hill climbs

Grit and determination on Streatley Hill [photo: Tim Phillips]

Still feeling on a high after the National Hill Climb Championships, I was keen to look at the different websites and see how much coverage the championships got. Considering that it was just an 800m cycle race there was a lot of coverage. I am not sure if this is the usual amount of coverage the event gets, or if the media had gone to town because this was one of only a handful of races that could take place under the current circumstances. Whatever the reason, I'm not complaining. There were also a lot of photographers out and about, and for the first time in a ages I have seen various photos of myself in racing action on different social media feeds. I particularly like this one because it shows my sheer determination, and how I was just focussed on the hill ahead of me.

I have now joined the Hill Climb group on facebook, so I can hear more about hill climb events and such related things. Funnily enough, there is already talk of where the championships will be held next year. The rumour seems to be Winnats Pass, in the Peak District. If the championships really are happening there I will need to start training now. Winnats is the toughest climb I have managed to ride up, and is right on the limit of my capabilities. I don't now how many riders are capable of riding up at race pace and out of the saddle. I definitely among those who can't! Neverthless, I have developed a taste for this, and I look forward to doing more climbs including the Forest Bowland, the Magnificent 7 on the outskirts of Sheffield, and Winnats Pass.

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