Tuesday 6 October 2020

Photo of the day - 6: Hill climb (no turning back now)!


Full start list of riders for the hill climb is on Cycling Time Trials website

Well I'm in it now! I signed myself up to do a day of hill climb races, and I received confirmation that my entry has been accepted. So Steyning Bostal and Mill Hill here I come!
It's been ages since I did one of these races. The last time was on Swains Lane, Highgate, at the Urban Hill Climb about 10 years ago. They are quite a fun - well more for the spectators than the riders who, at the time, grimace and strain their way up the steep incline while spectators shout into their faces, egging them on. With a bit of distance, I have good memories of these races even if they were painful at the time. There is something quite exciting about these quirky types of races over 800m-1500m with steep gradients. It's not that I am particularly good at them, but I guess living in hilly Crystal Palace has taught me to "like" hills, thus why not test myself out with a race number on and an official timer. So when I heard that the double header of the Catford and the Bec Hill climbs would be taking place in Kent and Surrey I planned on entering them. However, as with a lot of events this year, these races were cancelled. But I found an alternative, in the shape of two hill climbs being organised by Brighton Mitre Cycling Club, along the South Downs. In the morning I will "race" up Steyning Bostal. The fact that I am the second rider off means that I am hardly going to trouble the competition! If I manage to stay ahead of the young local girl, Cathy Wallace, without vomiting at the finish line, that'll be an achievement! Then I just need to save a bit of energy to do it all again on Mill Hill a few hours later. Wish me luck!

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